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Whenever I feel down and low, one of the most effective stress-buster for me is shopping. I believe it also works for you. I was out last Thursday to check the Call it Spring wedge which has been on my wish list but sad to say, they don’t have my size. So I got an office shoes instead. ( Shoes on a separate post)

Passing by a Mango shop, I went gaga over the big SALE sign, and so definitely I went in. Imagine the energetic women all over the shop.

Here’s what I got:

 Mango ethnic printed blouse. I love the soft material and print on this one… and it fitted well on me… more love

 Retro style blouse w/ a tie shirt collar, I was attracted with the collar and retro print, though I don’t know yet what to pair it with.

Mango bowling bag – comes in 3 colors. I played safe, went for the off white.

Aren’t they lovely? Can’t wait to wear them all.





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I got this at Carrefour on sale… Montagne Jeunese Chocolate Masque. Back in college, I was a facial addict. But after that, since with a busy schedule, it kinda slipped away.

True to its promise after applying, smooth and soft skin. The chocolate smell made me crave for the real thing. Eye love it! Hahaha! It’s very affordable for working woman in the Mid East like me, where salon is very expensive. ekkk.

It’s only 4.90 AED at Carrefour (marina mall)

Also it was fun to take pictures with chocolate on my face.

Repurchase: Yes, in different flavor


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My previous post on giveaways was about our choices but the top pick was the coffee mug. Since we weren’t able to find a decent apple shape mug, luckily a better design came up. Hubby and I were so excited when we saw the lay-out… can’t wait to see it in action in our wedding day.

Look at these designs… isn’t it fabulous??? Clap...clap...clap

Actually these mugs are affordable. The lady behind is no other than Ms. Evelyn of ceramikhauscebu. For more info: email her at ceramikhaus@yahoo.com or log on to http://www.ceramikhaus.com


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Wedding bands…checked!

Yes! Finally the precious are in our hands. And guess what? Hubby was so happy that we went to Marry Brown for a treat after buying our babies. I am overwhelmed by hubby’s excitement when we bought it…we love it to pieces! What I like about the rings is, they are simple and unique.

Jeweler: Al Farasha Jewelry – Madinat Zayed Gold Souk.

Wedding suppliers update:

  1. Photography – blocking fee, checked
  2. Videographer – 50% downpayment, checked
  3. Bridal Gown – 50% downpayment, checked
  4. Reception – reservation, checked
  5. Church – 50% downpayment, checked
  6. Groom’s barong – to be confirmed in the Philippines
  7. Entourage gown – to be confirmed in the Philippines
  8. Giveaways – lay-out of the caricature needs to be revised
  9. Invitation – to be finalized as soon as we get home.
  10. Choir – not yet decided
  11. Florist – in progress
  12. Acoustic band – no idea yet
  13. Lights – still have to confirmed with the hotel
  14. Misalettes – diy – in progress
  15. Thank you tag – diy – in process
  16. Sinamay bag –diy – to be finalized in the Philippines
  17. Chocolate wrapper – haven’t found a supplier yet.

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THE SIGN… 6th monthsary treat!

For our monthsary special, I would like to share the sign I asked for before I said “YES”. Ok for the record, I accepted his proposal first before I received the sign mainly because I followed my heart. From then on I was fully convinced it is HIM. Please read hubby’s version of THE SIGN.

If you thought that the ring was enough? We are standing on the same ground. What else could it possibly be to fully convince her that this is it? I usually fetch her after work. But since it was a special day for us because it’s our monthsary, I brought her flowers. She was surprised when she saw it because it was the sign that she asked for. Thank God! The sign has nothing to do with a LV bag. Hehehe…

As a gesture of appreciation, she called her mother to send the belt which she bought long time ago that she had planned to give to her future hubby. Well, what do you know, I have the belt and she calls me hubby. Lucky me!

“Belts are essential to men coz most of them cannot leave home without it… Its primary use is to tie and bind, why am I giving you this??? Simple… I don’t want you to leave home without me and l wanted to be tied to you forever.” Liza

When I agreed with her that I will do this page, knowing that most wedding write-ups are done by the brides or brides to be, I knew that this would be a unique way to show how much I love her.  That I will do anything I can for her because I love her so much.

Cheesy??? That my hubby, sooo sweet and full of surprises.




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Guilty as may seem, I’m a blog stalker. I usually check the blogs that I follow as I start my day in the office, again guilty. Aside from the regulars, I have my fave wedding gown designers. I love their works to bits but sad to say they are not on my wedding supplier list because of several reasons, like wedding budget.  So here are my top picks…

Veluz – I’m already lurking her multiply account even before my engagement.

 the details

Source: www.veluzreyes.multiply.comor www.veluzreyes.blogspot.com



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Let me share you the thing that has been bothering me since the wedding planning started. I wanted two things… a coffee themed wedding and purple motif. Very confusing huh! How can I incorporate coffee and purple??? After months of searching and planning, I came up with the perfect palette which I think is great for both.

Purple, Silver and Gold

Purple and Silver




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