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Sorry for the bunch of pics. I guess I’m just overwhelmed with my new camera so I got so carried away teehee! Anyways, early last year a friend of mine recommended me a book series titled the bride quartet by Nora Roberts. Since she knew I love anything about weddings so she let me barrowed hers. I sooo love every story, especially the character of Parker Brown.

The story revolves around four ladies named Mackensie, Emmalyn, Laurel and Parker. They’ve been friends since childhood and their favorite pastime during those days were playing bride and groom. To cut the story short they all been fascinated with weddings since then. Mac a photographer, Emma a florist, Laurel the pastry chef and of course everything wouldn’t be possible w/out Parker the wedding planner. This series reminds me of my bff.  Janice being a photo enthusiast, Emmylou the make up artist, Rachael  the caterer and of course yours truly  the wedding planner.

Anyways, if you’re into a hopeless romantic kind of novel, try this book. I’m sure you will love it!




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