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I’ve been craving for chicken bbq lately and I can’t think of any place that has one other than Chowking at the back of Crowne Plaza Hamdan. So last weekend we decided to try theirs.

 For starter we’ve ordered ???… I’m sorry I totally forgot the name. 

My Chowking chicken bbq. I love it swear!!!

And of course hubby’s Nasi Goreng.

Indeed a great food they have but for the service, let’s just say it’s not worth leaving a tip.

Here’s the rating (5 is the highest, 1 is the lowest)

Food:  4 (no doubt their food is yummy)

Ambiance: 2 (the place is messy and the tables and chairs are a bit narrow you can’t move freely)

Quantity: 5

Dirhams power: 79.00 Dhs /900.00 Php



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It’s been a long time since I blogged on our monthsary dinners. It’s not that hubby doesn’t spoil me anymore... hehehe! We just dined at the same restaurants that I already featured before. So for 2nd wedding monthsary, we tried Beijing Restaurant at the back of Gold Souk, Madinat Zayed.

I heard from my officemate that they really have an amazing sizzling eggplant that we don’t find in our fave Chinese resto. We ordered their braised chicken in hotpot and of course the famous sizzling eggplant.

Sizzling eggplant (29.00 Dhs or approx. 290.00 Php)

Braise chicken in hotpot (35.00 Dhs/ approx. 350.00 Php) Sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures of our special friend rice & the drinks.

The food was great. We really did enjoy our sizzling eggplant but if we were to rate on their services, I don’t think I wanna go back there. We’ve waited for 15 mins or more for our sizzling eggplant and another 5 mins for the braised chicken and another buzz to the server for our special mix rice. It’s really that bad for me to decide not to go back.


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The clock is ticking so fast. Less than a month now, we’ll be off to Phils for our wedding. But even with the wedding prep rush, a time to relax and enjoy wouldn’t be that bad, especially when it’s our monthsary… dinner at Chillis.

We have this thing for platter which is the triple play… simply because choices are there in a single order. (Chessy nachos, buffalo wings and southwestern eggrolls)

For main course we had baby back ribs baby! Our waiter suggested that we have the whole bbr, but since we had a feeling that it will be too much for us, we only ordered half. Even with our combined stomachs, there’s no enough room for the bbr. Nice call!

The iced tea and lemonade were great too. Overall, it was great! But remember food tastes better when you share it with your love ones.




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Good morning upper east-sider! That’s how we started our day off, watching season 3 of gossip girl. Later in the afternoon, we head off to Marina Mall for groceries and stuffs for our balikbayan boxes. It’s kinda hard to choose what to buy for our love ones when we don’t know exactly what they like.

3 years ago my budget for balikbayan box was 1k dirhams (around 12.5k pesos). So that day, I was shocked at the counter with our bill. Even more shocked when I realized I spent 2.5k dirhams (around 31.25k pesos) to fill the same size box. (Maybe because of global warming??? Too much heat makes things shrink.) Too bad for fellow kabayans in the Middle East, economy is down, prices are up and the salaries remain the same.

Like S and B, we love to hang out, this time at Café Supreme. First, we thought it would be like starbucks or barista but when we spotted the place it seemed better because it is located in a secluded area in Marina. But then again to my dismay, it was not as expected as we got in.

Anyway hubby ordered seafood pasta – a combination of shrimp, crab, fusili pasta and red sauce. It smelled so good, even the presentation was okay.

My choice was chicken quesadillacheese and chicken in a tortilla, looks like so pizza. I wasn’t that happy with it because I was expecting a crunchy tortilla and cheesy filling.

So here are our ratings: 1 to 10

 Cleanliness         : 6  Food                      : 8  Atmosphere      : 7

All for now… happy weekend everyone!



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It was been a busy weekend for hubby because he had to go work. Really busy coz he’s working on our monthsary. (huhuhu) I felt bad but do I have a choice. Despite his hectic schedule we still managed to sneak out for dinner, at Fuddruckers this time. Not my first at Fuddruckers but first at Al Wahda Mall branch.

The place was pretty and clean despite it was located above the other restos. What I like more are the not so crowded atmosphere and the friendly attendants. It would help though if your server is a Filipino coz you don’t to have worry about your order due to miscommunication unlike other restaurants where their waiters can’t speak fluent English.

For starter we got Chicken Platter… mozzarella or cheese stick, chicken fingers, spicy chicken wings, onion rings and potato overload with freshly cut carrots, lettuce and cucumber on the sides and blue cheese and mustard for dressing.


I love their spicy chicken wings with blue cheese… sooo yummy… even their chicken fingers tasted better that what I’ve expected.

I believe their using a authentic mozzarella for the cheese stick…look at that???

Fuddruckers is famous for their burgers, so for main dish we had Hamburger steak with steamed veggies and baked potato.

The serving was big, it’s good for 2… not only that but their price is ok.

Romelliz says eyeloveit!!!

Verdict: Fuddruckers is worth it… I’m sure we will be coming back soon!



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