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Whenever I feel down and low, one of the most effective stress-buster for me is shopping. I believe it also works for you. I was out last Thursday to check the Call it Spring wedge which has been on my wish list but sad to say, they don’t have my size. So I got an office shoes instead. ( Shoes on a separate post)

Passing by a Mango shop, I went gaga over the big SALE sign, and so definitely I went in. Imagine the energetic women all over the shop.

Here’s what I got:

 Mango ethnic printed blouse. I love the soft material and print on this one… and it fitted well on me… more love

 Retro style blouse w/ a tie shirt collar, I was attracted with the collar and retro print, though I don’t know yet what to pair it with.

Mango bowling bag – comes in 3 colors. I played safe, went for the off white.

Aren’t they lovely? Can’t wait to wear them all.





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The Wedding Shoes…checked

I’m always fascinated with high heels, they turn ladies into women.  For me, they look sexy and give a good poise when walking, but they are not for me. I wore once those 4 inches red velvet shoes to match my red gown during our ring hop before graduation. Oh boy, I was crying to death when I got home because it was so painful, I can’t walk. From then on, I’ve learned my lesson. (teehee)

Choosing the right shoes for your wedding is important. Stilettos and heels may give you the additional points but after hours of walking, standing, posing and dancing, the cutie might become acute pain… jejeje. I want to enjoy every moment of my wedding so I’m choosing a comfortable one.

Criteria for choosing:

  1. Flat shoe – 5
  2. Purple in color – 5
  3. Durability – 5

Have you seen any that matches with the above criteria? I’m looking forward for these shoes in action on the big day.

Here’s the box… It’s a surprise on the wedding day. 

Inspiration less the heels…



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Just 13 weeks, 2 days to go for Christmas. For fellow pinoys like us, the Christmas countdown begins on the first day of September, the first “-ber” month. As for our wedding day only 3 months to go, and there are lots of things that are needed to be done.

I checked our timetable and we are behind schedule. Well, understandably, we not home yet to close all the deals but I’m optimistic that we can pull it off.

Wedding dress by Beckett’s bridal: The design was finalized but maybe a minor alteration when we get home. The important thing is that the couture is on its way to create the perfect gown for me. Teehee! Down payment of 50% – Checked. 

Photographer Jaypee Noche: I’m very positive that he will capture the “moments”. When we chatted over fb, I can sense that he’s fun to be with…I hope he can bare with me during the big day with all the pressure and stress in my veins. Blocking fee??? Done.

Videographer Sly Climaco: One of the keys to a picture perfect wedding is to have a good rapport with your supplier. Though I haven’t met him personally but my good friend Jhem had at SM for the 50% DP. And guess what? According to Jhem, the meeting was fun.




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