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Talk about beach weddings, Bohol is the perfect place for you. As one of my bff is planning their beach wedding, we’re so excited cause for sure it’s gonna be an amazing one. She really has lots of options when in terms to venue for the ceremony and reception, but of course she also has to consider the budget and location. So finally, Bohol Beach Club is the perfect venue for their wedding.

Here’s a sample pics of bbc’s….

The place is breathtakingly beautiful. Can’t wait to visit the place soon cause hubby and I were supposed to have a romantic dinner by the beach as a wedding gift by my super sweet cuzin Michael Bueno, but It didn’t realize since we ran out of time after the wedding.



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Tagaytay Wedding

Here’s what we wore at the wedding in Tagaytay. The groom strictly imposed blue formal dress for ladies and coat and blue tie for men.

Hubby and me

Newly engaged couple Janice and Allan.

The ever searching Emmylou… teehee

Hubby, Eufort & The Groom



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The day after Christmas, we flew to Tagaytay to attend a wedding. Basically we were all excited for this trip especially for hubby and me, since that was the first trip as officially husband and wife, and of course, my bff were there too. So as early as 6.30 am, we’re at Tagbilaran airport for our early morning flight to Manila via PAL (Philippine Airlines).

Here’s hubby taking a pose before we boarded the plane:

The flight was smooth and hassle free. We didn’t even notice the 50 mins flight since we were pre-occupied with the newspaper and of course the coffee and crackers that they served.

As we reached Tagaytay, we stayed at Casablanca Mansions. At first I thought it’s the usual villa located near the heart of the city. But as we were finally settled in our room with the sliding doors wide open, oh boy! We were all ecstatic with the view that we can see from our balcony. The place is stunningly beautiful and very accessible too.

The view from our room the morning after:


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Bohol Wedding

If you are following this blog, sometime last October I posted about my top choices wedding suppliers in Bohol. When we were preparing our wedding, we made a side trip that I believe it will be a great venue for weddings.

Terraza de Mariveles (known as Café lawis) – Everything is old but in a way that you will still appreciate it. There I realized that the place is perfect for a Filipiniana or vintage themed wedding. I heart the lamps hanging by the acacia tree… It’s soo romantic especially at night when nothing else glows but the lamps.

Here’s the set up.

As for their packages, it comes in three rates and nos. of person. (Cafe Lawis)                                                                 


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Have I told u guyz that one of my bff is getting married? Yes, bff Aning is engaged to Eufort. Clap.clap.clap! By the way both of them are close friends of mine way back in college and still are. No, I don’t wanna talk about their love story here… all I wanna share is their pegs for their pre nup.

Here’s the scenario, my friend wanted a beach wedding and likewise their pre nup will also be at the beach, but she wanted to have a bit of twist like a vintage effect. I realized that the couple-to-be both love photography. When I heard about her dilemma, I remembered a perfect example of what she wanted. (The Allen-Roselle pre-nuptial)

Here are some of my fave pics from their prenup taken from mango red site


I told her to bring up the idea to their photographer and send the pegs. Fingers crossed… Best Wishes and Congrats to both of U… 


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The Perfect Palette

Sage green & chocolate brown are the colors for my friend’s upcoming wedding. So excited with the combination because 1st, green is my favorite color and second, I believe brown will go hand in hand w/ green. I think the combination is pleasant to the eyes too.

How lovely isn’t it?

But I’m constantly reminding my friend to choose the right shades that go along especially that it’s an outdoor wedding. Sooo excited with their wedding by the way. Hehehe



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A Valentine Special

Since it is Valentines Day, I would like to share to you our wedding SDE… we love how Sly did it with no fuss and heavy drama, just lots of fun.

Supplier: Slystudios Cebu

Ratings: 9

Stress level: No stress at all

Over all ratings: Recommended…it’s worth it!

Website: www.slystudios.wordpress.com



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