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I’ve been craving for chicken bbq lately and I can’t think of any place that has one other than Chowking at the back of Crowne Plaza Hamdan. So last weekend we decided to try theirs.

 For starter we’ve ordered ???… I’m sorry I totally forgot the name. 

My Chowking chicken bbq. I love it swear!!!

And of course hubby’s Nasi Goreng.

Indeed a great food they have but for the service, let’s just say it’s not worth leaving a tip.

Here’s the rating (5 is the highest, 1 is the lowest)

Food:  4 (no doubt their food is yummy)

Ambiance: 2 (the place is messy and the tables and chairs are a bit narrow you can’t move freely)

Quantity: 5

Dirhams power: 79.00 Dhs /900.00 Php



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I’ve been super duper busy lately, aside from my fulltime job w/ only 1 day off I’m up to something that I can’t tell you guys right now but I will soon. I’m really excited about this venture because this would be my 1st time ever! Anyway 2 days ago was our anniversary as bf/gf and hubby was so sweet he brought me flowers.

Up to the last minute we can’t decide where to dine. We really wanted to go to CuiSine at Fairmont hotel but that would be too far from our place. I was searching for any Japanese or Chinese cuisine nearby but all I know was either Taiki or Chinoy Haven in Al Ain palace. And so we ended up in Chinoy Haven since It was hubby’s 1st time on that resto.

For starter we have stir fry noodles w/ vegetable.

We have calamari and so far it’s the best dipping I had.

We also ordered sisig.

Lastly our mixed fried rice

My outfit for the day

What’s good about the resto was they also have live entertainment where you can request you’re fave love songs. And their food wasn’t that expensive. Indeed a great evening and happy anniversary to my hubby – u r the best!

 Ratings: 1 to 5 (5 is the highest)

 Food: 4 Quantity: 4

Ambiance: 3.5

Peso power: 4 (200 AED is enough for 2 persons)



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There’s a very affordable restaurant in Dubai with a dish I wouldn’t want to miss every time I visit there. My bff doesn’t agree with me on this since they’re not a big fan of fried duck. Sabihin mang mababa ang kaligayahan ko… ilove it to pieces.

Here’s my fried duck:

Looks delicious to me yummm! Instead with full rice I opted for half rice and noodles.

Hubby got his combo chicken pepper and cashew chicken, of course w/ half rice and half noodles.


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It’s been a long time since I blogged on our monthsary dinners. It’s not that hubby doesn’t spoil me anymore... hehehe! We just dined at the same restaurants that I already featured before. So for 2nd wedding monthsary, we tried Beijing Restaurant at the back of Gold Souk, Madinat Zayed.

I heard from my officemate that they really have an amazing sizzling eggplant that we don’t find in our fave Chinese resto. We ordered their braised chicken in hotpot and of course the famous sizzling eggplant.

Sizzling eggplant (29.00 Dhs or approx. 290.00 Php)

Braise chicken in hotpot (35.00 Dhs/ approx. 350.00 Php) Sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures of our special friend rice & the drinks.

The food was great. We really did enjoy our sizzling eggplant but if we were to rate on their services, I don’t think I wanna go back there. We’ve waited for 15 mins or more for our sizzling eggplant and another 5 mins for the braised chicken and another buzz to the server for our special mix rice. It’s really that bad for me to decide not to go back.


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I’ve got a lot of back blogs (as I dub it…. hehehe) lately. Since this blogging thing was in my “to do list” for a couple of months now, or shall I say when I got engaged.  I really wanted to have a blog to keep my friends and relatives updated on the wedding plans.

When I got engaged, I was really ecstatic with the idea. Then I started to worry about everything from the church, reception, suppliers. It even came to a point that I got sick due to STRESS, and later found out that it was an infection of the intestine. But that didn’t stop us for a cup of coffee.

Here’s our treat from Starbucks

My hubby’s  latte


My chocolate chip frappuccino… I must say it’s an 8 (out of 10). 1st sip, you can taste the chocolaty flavor. Next time I’ll have to ask the barista to skip sugar coz it’s so sweet to my buds.

my coffee buddy as well as my hubby….

Hubby was making pa cute…peace!

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Hubby and I like to hang out on weekends at the coffee shop, just to chillax and enjoy the aroma and taste of coffee. We even have this idea that we will try all the coffee shops in town (AUH) before we get married. What do you think???? Before I started this blog, I already have in mind that one day I’ll be featuring this coffee shop, so let’s get the ball rolling….

Feature 1: Seattle’s Best

My hubby’s Latte


A treat for myself: Coffee Mocha

After Seattle’s Best treat, one of the best things in our lives happened. But I will reveal it to you guyz in the next coming days.

For now, what’s your fave coffee and shop? Would you mind sharing it to everyone?

edited by: romel

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