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I’ve been super duper busy lately, aside from my fulltime job w/ only 1 day off I’m up to something that I can’t tell you guys right now but I will soon. I’m really excited about this venture because this would be my 1st time ever! Anyway 2 days ago was our anniversary as bf/gf and hubby was so sweet he brought me flowers.

Up to the last minute we can’t decide where to dine. We really wanted to go to CuiSine at Fairmont hotel but that would be too far from our place. I was searching for any Japanese or Chinese cuisine nearby but all I know was either Taiki or Chinoy Haven in Al Ain palace. And so we ended up in Chinoy Haven since It was hubby’s 1st time on that resto.

For starter we have stir fry noodles w/ vegetable.

We have calamari and so far it’s the best dipping I had.

We also ordered sisig.

Lastly our mixed fried rice

My outfit for the day

What’s good about the resto was they also have live entertainment where you can request you’re fave love songs. And their food wasn’t that expensive. Indeed a great evening and happy anniversary to my hubby – u r the best!

 Ratings: 1 to 5 (5 is the highest)

 Food: 4 Quantity: 4

Ambiance: 3.5

Peso power: 4 (200 AED is enough for 2 persons)




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Yesterday was our 3rd wedding monthsary and we just can’t decide where to dine. Since both of us love to eat anything yummy we decided to try the Lebanese Mill Restaurant, located at 9th st., infront of starbucks and beside eva dolce.

While waiting for our food they gave a platter of vegetables, hummus, garlic sauce, olives and of course Arabic bread. I love their pickles and so ate all of it w/out sharing it to hubby… hehehe

For the main dish we ordered…

Vegetable platter

Grilled chicken wings w/ garlic sauce & fries on the sides.

Hubby had Grilled kabab.

The food was great and very affordable. I couldn’t ask for more. For dessert, I took home a blue berry cheesecake from Eva Dolce.

My piece of cake from eva dolce --- this is the best blueberry I had so far.


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The clock is ticking so fast. Less than a month now, we’ll be off to Phils for our wedding. But even with the wedding prep rush, a time to relax and enjoy wouldn’t be that bad, especially when it’s our monthsary… dinner at Chillis.

We have this thing for platter which is the triple play… simply because choices are there in a single order. (Chessy nachos, buffalo wings and southwestern eggrolls)

For main course we had baby back ribs baby! Our waiter suggested that we have the whole bbr, but since we had a feeling that it will be too much for us, we only ordered half. Even with our combined stomachs, there’s no enough room for the bbr. Nice call!

The iced tea and lemonade were great too. Overall, it was great! But remember food tastes better when you share it with your love ones.




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THE SIGN… 6th monthsary treat!

For our monthsary special, I would like to share the sign I asked for before I said “YES”. Ok for the record, I accepted his proposal first before I received the sign mainly because I followed my heart. From then on I was fully convinced it is HIM. Please read hubby’s version of THE SIGN.

If you thought that the ring was enough? We are standing on the same ground. What else could it possibly be to fully convince her that this is it? I usually fetch her after work. But since it was a special day for us because it’s our monthsary, I brought her flowers. She was surprised when she saw it because it was the sign that she asked for. Thank God! The sign has nothing to do with a LV bag. Hehehe…

As a gesture of appreciation, she called her mother to send the belt which she bought long time ago that she had planned to give to her future hubby. Well, what do you know, I have the belt and she calls me hubby. Lucky me!

“Belts are essential to men coz most of them cannot leave home without it… Its primary use is to tie and bind, why am I giving you this??? Simple… I don’t want you to leave home without me and l wanted to be tied to you forever.” Liza

When I agreed with her that I will do this page, knowing that most wedding write-ups are done by the brides or brides to be, I knew that this would be a unique way to show how much I love her.  That I will do anything I can for her because I love her so much.

Cheesy??? That my hubby, sooo sweet and full of surprises.




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It was been a busy weekend for hubby because he had to go work. Really busy coz he’s working on our monthsary. (huhuhu) I felt bad but do I have a choice. Despite his hectic schedule we still managed to sneak out for dinner, at Fuddruckers this time. Not my first at Fuddruckers but first at Al Wahda Mall branch.

The place was pretty and clean despite it was located above the other restos. What I like more are the not so crowded atmosphere and the friendly attendants. It would help though if your server is a Filipino coz you don’t to have worry about your order due to miscommunication unlike other restaurants where their waiters can’t speak fluent English.

For starter we got Chicken Platter… mozzarella or cheese stick, chicken fingers, spicy chicken wings, onion rings and potato overload with freshly cut carrots, lettuce and cucumber on the sides and blue cheese and mustard for dressing.


I love their spicy chicken wings with blue cheese… sooo yummy… even their chicken fingers tasted better that what I’ve expected.

I believe their using a authentic mozzarella for the cheese stick…look at that???

Fuddruckers is famous for their burgers, so for main dish we had Hamburger steak with steamed veggies and baked potato.

The serving was big, it’s good for 2… not only that but their price is ok.

Romelliz says eyeloveit!!!

Verdict: Fuddruckers is worth it… I’m sure we will be coming back soon!



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After shopping and malling, we dined at a nearby resto. Since it’s monthsary we wanted to indulge a little.

Hubby on his normal pa cute pose.

(Forgive my oily face cause I just came from Clinique session..teehee)

I love the place, it’s kinda cozy. We were immediately led to our table and soon busy scanning the menu. As the expert in our future family (hubby and me) in terms to food (as you can see… hehehe) I ordered chicken platter. It comes with spicy chicken wings, chicken strips, quesadilla w/ guacamole and salsa dip, but I asked the waiter to serve it with cheese nachos instead of chicken strips.

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Last week we celebrated our 4th monthsary. When he emailed me that morning as our usual thing, his greeting was “happy four”. Maybe because I joked on him that 4 months seems like 4 years. (hehehe) So my reply was “HAPPY FOUR AND I LOVE U MORE”. Now for my favorite part, monthsary gift.

To hubby, I’m the fairest of them all, even though I’ve been complaining for weeks about my T-zone’s dull and oily skin. So, also as a preparation for the “D day”, he gave me the “3 steps” from Clinique.

Sori for the pics im still not an expert in photography. (don’t have plan too..teehee)

w/ free night and day moisturizer and make up remover! So cool right???

When siblings Jenny and Jill Codina introduced me to their beauty regimen, the Clinique 3 steps, I’ve been eyeing this product ever.

My first choice for hubby’s gift was Grant perfume but it was not available from Paris Gallery and Grant shops. Then I remembered Janice and Emmylou’s fascination about this one…

We tried it on him. It wasn’t that good at first because of the fruity smell, but after awhile, the masculine scent uncovers. That scent in my man, it was intense euphoria.


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