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Yesterday was our 3rd wedding monthsary and we just can’t decide where to dine. Since both of us love to eat anything yummy we decided to try the Lebanese Mill Restaurant, located at 9th st., infront of starbucks and beside eva dolce.

While waiting for our food they gave a platter of vegetables, hummus, garlic sauce, olives and of course Arabic bread. I love their pickles and so ate all of it w/out sharing it to hubby… hehehe

For the main dish we ordered…

Vegetable platter

Grilled chicken wings w/ garlic sauce & fries on the sides.

Hubby had Grilled kabab.

The food was great and very affordable. I couldn’t ask for more. For dessert, I took home a blue berry cheesecake from Eva Dolce.

My piece of cake from eva dolce --- this is the best blueberry I had so far.



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I took this picture a week ago and I totally forgot to blog about it. I thought I might share with u that I’ve gained weight since we got back from Philippines so I decided to include salad in our weekly menu. So here’s a pic of our ceasar salad.

Yummy isn’t it? And healthy too…



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Talk about beach weddings, Bohol is the perfect place for you. As one of my bff is planning their beach wedding, we’re so excited cause for sure it’s gonna be an amazing one. She really has lots of options when in terms to venue for the ceremony and reception, but of course she also has to consider the budget and location. So finally, Bohol Beach Club is the perfect venue for their wedding.

Here’s a sample pics of bbc’s….

The place is breathtakingly beautiful. Can’t wait to visit the place soon cause hubby and I were supposed to have a romantic dinner by the beach as a wedding gift by my super sweet cuzin Michael Bueno, but It didn’t realize since we ran out of time after the wedding.


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Just the other day, we ended up eating sopas since the weather was a bit cold and I was also craving for it.

Homemade sopas…


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It’s been a long time since I blogged on our monthsary dinners. It’s not that hubby doesn’t spoil me anymore... hehehe! We just dined at the same restaurants that I already featured before. So for 2nd wedding monthsary, we tried Beijing Restaurant at the back of Gold Souk, Madinat Zayed.

I heard from my officemate that they really have an amazing sizzling eggplant that we don’t find in our fave Chinese resto. We ordered their braised chicken in hotpot and of course the famous sizzling eggplant.

Sizzling eggplant (29.00 Dhs or approx. 290.00 Php)

Braise chicken in hotpot (35.00 Dhs/ approx. 350.00 Php) Sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures of our special friend rice & the drinks.

The food was great. We really did enjoy our sizzling eggplant but if we were to rate on their services, I don’t think I wanna go back there. We’ve waited for 15 mins or more for our sizzling eggplant and another 5 mins for the braised chicken and another buzz to the server for our special mix rice. It’s really that bad for me to decide not to go back.


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