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Good morning upper east-sider! That’s how we started our day off, watching season 3 of gossip girl. Later in the afternoon, we head off to Marina Mall for groceries and stuffs for our balikbayan boxes. It’s kinda hard to choose what to buy for our love ones when we don’t know exactly what they like.

3 years ago my budget for balikbayan box was 1k dirhams (around 12.5k pesos). So that day, I was shocked at the counter with our bill. Even more shocked when I realized I spent 2.5k dirhams (around 31.25k pesos) to fill the same size box. (Maybe because of global warming??? Too much heat makes things shrink.) Too bad for fellow kabayans in the Middle East, economy is down, prices are up and the salaries remain the same.

Like S and B, we love to hang out, this time at Café Supreme. First, we thought it would be like starbucks or barista but when we spotted the place it seemed better because it is located in a secluded area in Marina. But then again to my dismay, it was not as expected as we got in.

Anyway hubby ordered seafood pasta – a combination of shrimp, crab, fusili pasta and red sauce. It smelled so good, even the presentation was okay.

My choice was chicken quesadillacheese and chicken in a tortilla, looks like so pizza. I wasn’t that happy with it because I was expecting a crunchy tortilla and cheesy filling.

So here are our ratings: 1 to 10

 Cleanliness         : 6  Food                      : 8  Atmosphere      : 7

All for now… happy weekend everyone!




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Thursday, we were out hunting for the ring. Not in shire nor somewhere in the middle earth but at Madinat Zayed gold souk – the place to be in Abu Dhabi. It’s a mall of jewelries that ranges from rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles. Name it they have it… even those Cleopatra necklaces we’ve seen on screen. We were searching until we found… our precious…

No diamonds, two toned and matte finish. Because of our way different finger sizes, (mine is like frodo’s, his is like smiggle… hehehe) we were settling for different designs for each of us, contrary to traditional wedding bands. Not until we found our precious… Perfect!!! The ring w/ a hammered matte finish.

We haven’t bought it yet because we want more choices but to tell you frankly, eyeLOVEit!!!



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Just 13 weeks, 2 days to go for Christmas. For fellow pinoys like us, the Christmas countdown begins on the first day of September, the first “-ber” month. As for our wedding day only 3 months to go, and there are lots of things that are needed to be done.

I checked our timetable and we are behind schedule. Well, understandably, we not home yet to close all the deals but I’m optimistic that we can pull it off.

Wedding dress by Beckett’s bridal: The design was finalized but maybe a minor alteration when we get home. The important thing is that the couture is on its way to create the perfect gown for me. Teehee! Down payment of 50% – Checked. 

Photographer Jaypee Noche: I’m very positive that he will capture the “moments”. When we chatted over fb, I can sense that he’s fun to be with…I hope he can bare with me during the big day with all the pressure and stress in my veins. Blocking fee??? Done.

Videographer Sly Climaco: One of the keys to a picture perfect wedding is to have a good rapport with your supplier. Though I haven’t met him personally but my good friend Jhem had at SM for the 50% DP. And guess what? According to Jhem, the meeting was fun.




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Current Mood: Amazed

OMG!!! Starbucks is launching their first ever Starbucks Via Ready Brew. You can now enjoy your favorite coffee at home or in the office without rushing to the nearest shop. Yup, you heard me right. They now have an instant coffee. Starbucks guarantee that their product is different from any other 3n1. It is the same highest-quality 100% Arabica beans, full-bodied and flavor, just like the Starbucks coffee we love.


They come in 3 varieties, Colombia, Italian Roast and Decaf Italian Roast. According to their website, the product will be launched in the Philippines by mid September in all of their branches nationwide.

I can’t wait to try it when I get back home, coz too bad they don’t have it here in the Middle East yet.

Retail price are as follows:

                                   pack of 3 – 130.00 Php

                                   pack of 12 – 450.00 Php 

Wow that’s whooping 38.00 Php a cup. More reviews as soon as I get a taste of it.



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I know eyebrows were raised when the theme was announced. But we love coffee. So what does it take to achieve a coffee themed wedding? I don’t know. We wanted to have the coffee shop feel because for us it is intimate and romantic.

The theme is not as easy as an instant 3n1 coffee because, first we cannot have the reception in a coffee shop….you can figure this one out. Second, the hotel (bohol tropics resort) won’t allow us to bring in barista of our choice. (Yes they will, but expect a hefty fee on corkage) So I was thinking if I will still go with it or maybe change it to winter wonderland since it is Christmas or travel vintage themed. But it will be not US. We already put our heart and soul to coffee themed wedding. So be it! 

We’re thinking of ideas and paraphernalia to achieve the theme, from favors, invites, decors, centerpieces, cakes etc…etc…etc! PRE-NUPTIAL PHOTOS. 

Though we haven’t made our minds yet to have one, I was still thinking a pictorial at Starbucks while enjoying our favorite coffee. Another idea is shooting at the park with our jogging outfits. If you read our love story you know why… Here’s an inspiration

How I love these pics…..i waaaannnnnt

Grab this pics from jayson and joane arquiza website (click here for more photos

 Soon I will be featuring to you the final lay out of our giveaways.



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It was been a busy weekend for hubby because he had to go work. Really busy coz he’s working on our monthsary. (huhuhu) I felt bad but do I have a choice. Despite his hectic schedule we still managed to sneak out for dinner, at Fuddruckers this time. Not my first at Fuddruckers but first at Al Wahda Mall branch.

The place was pretty and clean despite it was located above the other restos. What I like more are the not so crowded atmosphere and the friendly attendants. It would help though if your server is a Filipino coz you don’t to have worry about your order due to miscommunication unlike other restaurants where their waiters can’t speak fluent English.

For starter we got Chicken Platter… mozzarella or cheese stick, chicken fingers, spicy chicken wings, onion rings and potato overload with freshly cut carrots, lettuce and cucumber on the sides and blue cheese and mustard for dressing.


I love their spicy chicken wings with blue cheese… sooo yummy… even their chicken fingers tasted better that what I’ve expected.

I believe their using a authentic mozzarella for the cheese stick…look at that???

Fuddruckers is famous for their burgers, so for main dish we had Hamburger steak with steamed veggies and baked potato.

The serving was big, it’s good for 2… not only that but their price is ok.

Romelliz says eyeloveit!!!

Verdict: Fuddruckers is worth it… I’m sure we will be coming back soon!



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I’ve been so busy lately with work and at the same time a lot of things needed to be fixed (furniture guyz), but now I switched back to wedding prep mode. I was browsing at bridalbook.ph to get some inspirations from featured brides on how they managed their wedding. Look what I stumbled at, a wedding personality test. I find it very interesting because it’s so true on my part. So here it is.

1. You describe yourself as:

a. A girly girl
b. Prim and proper
c. Fashion forward and determined
d. Happy-go-lucky and carefree

2. On weekends, you:

a. Plan a sweet dinner out of town for you and your honey
b. Check the schedules for any plays or musicals
c. Stay in your flat and check the Internet for new arrivals of your favorite brand
d. Hit the beach with your friends

3. Your favorite chick flick is:

a. Love Actually
b. Pride & Prejudice
c. Sex & the City, The Movie
d. 50 First Dates

4. When shopping, you usually ask the salesperson, “Do you have this in:

a. Pink?”
b. Beige?”
c. Teal?”
d. Yellow?

5. A perfect vacation for you is:

a. Strolling by the Eiffel in Paris
b. Attending a black-tie party in an Asian cruise
c. Shopping in Manhattan, of course!
d. Watching the sunset in Coron, Palawan 

6. Your fiancé proposed to you with this ring because it would be perfect for you:

a. A heart-shaped diamond with diamonds embedded on a white gold band
b. A princess cut diamond perched on a platinum band with just the right thickness
c. A round cut diamond platinum ring with tension setting
d. A square cut diamond in a matted white gold band

7. On a night out, you drink:

a. Sparkling champagne
b. Red wine
c. A martini
d. Ice-cold beer

8. When you have great ideas, you:
a. Hand cut and paste photos on your scrap book
b. Sort photos and printed text in a clear file—neatly labeled
c. Make a PowerPoint presentation or blog
d. Write in your trusty notebook

9. You’re more of a/an:

a. Floral dress kind of girl
b. Plain clothes lover
c. Striped and patterned fashionista
d. Anything goes gal

10. You’re excited to sign up for your wedding registry because:

a. You can’t wait to own those beautiful candle holders and unique photo frames perfect for your wedding photos

b. You’re looking forward to owning basic home stuff
c. You want to be gifted with a 60-inch LED TV
d. You think it’s just fun


Mostly As:

You’re probably the Romantic type. Perhaps you’ve imagined holding your wedding in a garden with lots of candlelit trees and rose petals on the ground. Lush floral arrangements in all shades of pink could also help you channel the look in your reception. An appropriate wedding song is The Prayer perfomed by a soloist or an orchestra.

Your wedding style ideas are filled with dainty bridesmaids’ dresses. Go for a pretty ball gown made of satin and French lace for that uber romantic look on your special day

Mostly Bs:

Chances are you’re the Classic bride. You ensure that everything about your wedding is in order, and every aspect will please your loved ones. Consider holding the wedding in a hotel ballroom, and fill your program with the good old traditions. White floral centerpieces with gold accents like fancy gem stones or gold candle holders would look great for your classic wedding. Walk down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

An A-line wedding gown is a tried and tested choice; it never goes out of style. Dress your entourage in champagne or other pastels.

Mostly Cs:

You’re one of those emerging Modern brides. You think outside the box and see your wedding as an experiment and a project. You’re not too keen about following tradition; you imagine your wedding ceremony as short but sweet, and done in a sleek space with a minimalist feel. Nothing challenges the traditional Pinoy wedding more than assigning black and an accent color as your motif. A contemporary tune like Lifehouse’s Everything is a good wedding song.

You may nix the long train or even opt for a shorter ‘do for your wedding day. A couture wedding gown will be an ideal choice for you; make an appointment with up and coming designers.

 Mostly Ds:

You could be a Relaxed bride. You probably want a laid-back wedding with a non-restrictive program and overflowing booze. You may have envisioned a beach wedding—one with reggae music playing while guests are dancing and happily chatting. It might also be a good idea to give out colorful flip-flops to your guests to make them comfy.

Yellow, orange and lime are good choices for your wedding. For that laid-back wedding feel, ask your make-up artist for the barely-there fresh look which will make you radiant even without a veil.

I mostly got C’s. I knew I’m that kind of bride. How about you?




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