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Peer Sponsor

The entourage continuation… 

I still have lots of close friends. What will I do with them, especially the married ones? They say that the aisle is for singles, not unless, you are the parents of the bride and groom or you are the ninongs and ninangs. Thank God I’m not a traditional bride and there is what they call peer sponsors.

Peer sponsor # :

1.) Mr. Arnel Blasco & Mrs. Anthonyte Tare-Blasco – Tonya (as I call her) and I grew up together. Our families are friends. Even though we didn’t go to same schools, it didn’t affect our friendship. Both are my childhood friends. I witnessed their growing love for each other since college until they tied the knot.

2.) Mr. Ryan Serrano and Mrs. Daisy Mae Tago-Serrano – Maeh was my dorm mate in college and roommate while working at Cebu. I followed her in Manila when I was applying for an overseas job. Last year when I was in Singapore, she introduced me to her husband Ryan. They travelled all the way from Malaysia, where they work, just to spend a night with me. Thank you guys!  

3.) Mr. Shane Chiu and Mrs. Jemecyl Albiso-Cuevas – For the record, these two are not a couple. They are officemates back in my converse days. Jhem was my confidant and laughing mate. We can laugh all day without reservations. (hehehe) She is my go to gurl in Cebu when I have emergencies, even till now. On the other hand Dada was my mentor. Speaking of Chuck Taylor’s in Mindanao, He is the man!  


4.) Mr. Genelou Wapanio and Ms. Flordeliz Aganio (soon to be Mrs. Wapanio) – Liz and Maeh are bestfriends. Since Maeh was my dorm mate in college, I often saw Liz – quiet but elegant and poise when she talks. She was the reason Maeh and I had a smooth transition to Manila because she offered her brother’s house for accommodation. Anyway, the two will tie the knot few days after our wedding. Nothing much about Liz’ future husband, first time to meet him.

That was too long huh? Soon I will be revealing to you the members of the secondary sponsors. Stay tune…








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Current mood: Confused

I was writing an entry for today halfway through it I paused for a moment and reflected. What am I doing? Why bother myself with all these? Why going through all the troubles? Why exert much time and effort? Why blog?

I’m a person who would rather talk than write. I’m a talker by nature, and when I start to talk, no one can stop me. (My hubby and friends can attest to this… swear). But when the wedding planning began and since I was so into it, I said to myself, why not document everything as we journey through it. That was when the blogging thing started. 

For me, blogging is like an online diary. I can write everything that’s been dwelling in my mind. It’s like a virtual friend, who doesn’t get annoyed and irritated when I talk too much using my keyboard. A friend who doesn’t yell “shut up” for questions asked again and again and again.

Obviously I’m not a writer as you find the grammatical errors in my entries, but knowing that sharing my experiences will give ideas and help to readers is an overwhelming feeling. (eyeloveit!) I’m happy with what I do specially at the end day hubby would say, I’m so proud of you.



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Choosing the members of the entourage is one of the toughest things to decide, since we don’t want to hurt the feelings of relatives and friends who will not be part of it. And given the fact that wedding these days are very expensive so we have to make sure that the members are carefully chosen…so hold your breath as I present to you…

Members of our entourage played a special role in our lives. In one way or another, they’ve touched our lives and left a mark on it.

Matron of Honor – Michelle Tare-Sagaral

I’m proud to say that she’s my fave ate. Here’s a trivia… The one and only older cousin that I have both from my mother and father side so that explains why. Do I have a choice? Jejeje… No, kidding aside, she’s my constant companion, my playmate when we were kids, and she’s my confidant and adviser as we grew up.

Maid of Honor – Margie Pagaran

I thought deciding for this role would split me into two. You know why? She has a twin sister who is close as well. Thank God their mother (my tita) picked for the coveted role.

Brides Friends Forever – For those who don’t know the story, we are a group of 4 since college! You heard it right, 13 years of strong and rewarding friendship.

Janice Sanguenza – Aning, as we fondly call her, is the reason why we’re all here in the UAE now. Thanks to her, if not, I wouldn’t have met my hubby in this foreign land.

Emmylou Basilad  – Malot is the youngest but the tallest among the group. This girl always had a controversy in her life but somehow managed to conquer all with grace and poise, of course with me as her adviser. Hehehe!

Rachael Cambalon Vizon – I don’t know this gurl…she is my best friend! (Bride’s Best Friend Forever) We were in the same dorm, ate at the same resto and had the same class schedules.

That’s all for now…did I hear what???? Yeah I know but hubby is still busy that he can’t finalize his Best men yet. I will be posting the secondary sponsors separately because I’ll still have to find the right words why they are in.

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After shopping and malling, we dined at a nearby resto. Since it’s monthsary we wanted to indulge a little.

Hubby on his normal pa cute pose.

(Forgive my oily face cause I just came from Clinique session..teehee)

I love the place, it’s kinda cozy. We were immediately led to our table and soon busy scanning the menu. As the expert in our future family (hubby and me) in terms to food (as you can see… hehehe) I ordered chicken platter. It comes with spicy chicken wings, chicken strips, quesadilla w/ guacamole and salsa dip, but I asked the waiter to serve it with cheese nachos instead of chicken strips.

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Last week we celebrated our 4th monthsary. When he emailed me that morning as our usual thing, his greeting was “happy four”. Maybe because I joked on him that 4 months seems like 4 years. (hehehe) So my reply was “HAPPY FOUR AND I LOVE U MORE”. Now for my favorite part, monthsary gift.

To hubby, I’m the fairest of them all, even though I’ve been complaining for weeks about my T-zone’s dull and oily skin. So, also as a preparation for the “D day”, he gave me the “3 steps” from Clinique.

Sori for the pics im still not an expert in photography. (don’t have plan too..teehee)

w/ free night and day moisturizer and make up remover! So cool right???

When siblings Jenny and Jill Codina introduced me to their beauty regimen, the Clinique 3 steps, I’ve been eyeing this product ever.

My first choice for hubby’s gift was Grant perfume but it was not available from Paris Gallery and Grant shops. Then I remembered Janice and Emmylou’s fascination about this one…

We tried it on him. It wasn’t that good at first because of the fruity smell, but after awhile, the masculine scent uncovers. That scent in my man, it was intense euphoria.


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Will u marry me?

The long wait is over! I’m now posting our proposal story. It’s kinda typical, but the thing that makes it different is…

The things we do for love. We often hear that for a relationship to grow, both partners should “give and take”. Here are some of our versions of “give and take”. She prepares our meal, with the right amount of love. (It’s getting better each day). She does our budget. Of course! It includes her shopping allowance. (Girls will be girls). I entrusted her my atm card where my monthly salary goes. Did I hear you say, What?! This is getting overboard! Don’t worry. I haven’t heard it for the first time. That’s what my best friend Ryan, who also happens to be one of our best men, told me about it. One of the coolest things she did so far is to wake up early and go with me to the beach, and so we had our morning coffee by the beach…

When we talk of weddings, especially with Abie, Liza would often asked, “So, where’s the ring”? In other words, “DON’T YOU DARE TALK TO ME ABOUT WEDDINGS WITHOUT THE RING!!!” (Trust me, it’s a bit scary) Going back to our morning coffee by the beach, after we finished our coffee and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather and view, I asked her, “Liza, will you marry me?” With the tiger look in eyes she faced me without uttering a word. (Makuha ka sa tingin!!!) So, I asked her again. Trying to hold her growl, as expected, she asked me “where’s the ring?” I gave her a gentle kiss then she felt something between her lips. Took out the ring and said “YES” with tears rolling down her cheeks.

The ring

eyelove the ring!!!

edited by: ryan

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After a thorough deliberation and long discussion with hubby, we are finally booking our official wedding photographer and videographer. As I have told you from previous blog regarding budget setting and allocating, one of the toughest wedding to-dos, we have decided to spend a little more for photos and videos, after all, it will be the long lasting memory of our day, which we could also share with our children.

Photographer: Jaypee Noche

Website: www.jaypeenoche.com

Peso power : 25,000.00 Php (for package click here)

Grab this pics from his facebook account

One of the first things I did when I got engaged was search for a photographer and videographer, maybe because I’m the type of bride who values much on memories. Whatevaaaaaaa… And as my friends say, I’m a very practical person so I always go for every penny’s worth. Speaking of quality and affordable photos, here’s Jaypee Noche. I know he is the guy for the job because his rate and package are close to our budget. Take note his works are creative and awesome. Every time he posted new pix in his facebook or blog, I’m really impressed. Here’s a perk, he even agreed for blocking fee instead of the usual 50% down payment. Isn’t cool? What more can I ask for?

Videographer: Sylvester Climaco

Website: www.slystudios.net

Peso power : 15,000.00 Php w/ free SDE (for package click here)

As the Jason Magbanua fans club president, (joke, hehehe…) I have a quite high standard when it comes to videos. Hubby said I’m maarte because it took me 3 months to decide who will cover the event. (This is what I mean high)I know I cannot afford the guy, but I know someone with a good caliber of his own – Slystudios. The package and the freebie (SDE – same day edit) are all worth it. In fact when I checked his SDE in the web, the man has a gift. I trust him on this one. Keeping my fingers crossed.

One more thing about these guys, Jaypee Noche and Slystudios, is their quick reply to email. I can’t wait to meet them personally.

Warning to our valued guests, wear your best smiles always. Someone is watching you.

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