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I’ve got a lot of back blogs (as I dub it…. hehehe) lately. Since this blogging thing was in my “to do list” for a couple of months now, or shall I say when I got engaged.  I really wanted to have a blog to keep my friends and relatives updated on the wedding plans.

When I got engaged, I was really ecstatic with the idea. Then I started to worry about everything from the church, reception, suppliers. It even came to a point that I got sick due to STRESS, and later found out that it was an infection of the intestine. But that didn’t stop us for a cup of coffee.

Here’s our treat from Starbucks

My hubby’s  latte


My chocolate chip frappuccino… I must say it’s an 8 (out of 10). 1st sip, you can taste the chocolaty flavor. Next time I’ll have to ask the barista to skip sugar coz it’s so sweet to my buds.

my coffee buddy as well as my hubby….

Hubby was making pa cute…peace!


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Hubby and I like to hang out on weekends at the coffee shop, just to chillax and enjoy the aroma and taste of coffee. We even have this idea that we will try all the coffee shops in town (AUH) before we get married. What do you think???? Before I started this blog, I already have in mind that one day I’ll be featuring this coffee shop, so let’s get the ball rolling….

Feature 1: Seattle’s Best

My hubby’s Latte


A treat for myself: Coffee Mocha

After Seattle’s Best treat, one of the best things in our lives happened. But I will reveal it to you guyz in the next coming days.

For now, what’s your fave coffee and shop? Would you mind sharing it to everyone?

edited by: romel

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Love Story

The Love story

There’s too much to blog already though I’m still trying to discover what blogging is all about. Let’s start with our love story (oyyyyy…im so kilig na just thinking of how we met and all). Here’s a version of my hubby’s Our Love Story where you can also check on our wedding website www.mywedding.com/romelliz

The first time we saw each other, neither of us could take our eyes off the other. Not for us! This is not your typical love at first sight story. Who could have imagined that our first encounter was through a common friend, Yolly, who arranged the jogging session. Yup, you read it right, not a party, nor a dinner, but through jogging. How could anyone make a good impression when you are soaking wet with your sweat???

 As the saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Her friends usually say, she cooks best when she does it out of love. Time came when I first tasted the most delicious pasta in the world. Okay, it’s a little exaggerated, but for me that really tasted good. After that meeting, after the talking and after feasting over her pasta, I said to my friend she is the girl I want my mother to meet. So it was the start of our whirlwind romance as she terms it.

Me & my hubby

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The Wedding Planner

Current mood: Confused 

I’ve read a lot of magazines and blogs regarding the advantages of having a wedding planner. Yeah. it’s true that having a wedding planner will help us stay on the budget with the right suppliers that best suit our needs. I’m actually considering getting the OTD (On-the-day-coordination) since I’m halfway in all my research and securing quotation from different suppliers.

But as i checked one wedding coordinator regarding their OTD package, I was shocked to death upon learning that they will just meet you 1 week prior to the wedding… How can a coordinator pull that off? I mean for one to coordinate the event, they should learn to know the bride and her vision of her wedding. How can one execute such wedding in just 8 days? And here’s a clause from the package, “unlimited online consultation”. what the heck are you going to consult within a week were all the suppliers were already booked?

Til here more updates on OTD planning….

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The D day….

I’ve been thinking of having a blog lately, but can’t figure out the right category for me to write about. As a kid, I’ve always been a kikay myself so I thought of having a fashion blog. But as the days passed, I lose passion on it although I’m still and avid follower f some of the fashion and beauty blogger such a chuvaness.com, projectvanity.com and more. Finally, I realized what my BIG DREAM is, and that is to become a wedding planner.

So this is the birth of this blog…..

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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